Speak. Hear. Read. Understand.
Verbum™ is an AI-powered web platform that automatically translates, transcribes, and delivers closed captioning for 82 languages during calls, meetings, events, and chats in near-realtime.

Language is no longer a barrier in your trainings and meetings.

Features & Benefits
Verbum make communication easy in one click. Check out the features that makes us better from the rest.

Automated Verbal Translation

Verbum automatically translates up to 82 languages in near-real-time.


Simultaneous Event Translation

As presenters speak in their own language, attendees read the translated text in their language in near-realtime.


Multilingual Closed Captioning

All call or online meeting participants can read auto-generated closed captioning — in their language.


Multilingual Online Chat

Because it works in 82 languages, Verbum’s real-time chat feature revolutionizes online customer support.


On-the-Fly Transcription

Verbum automatically generates call, meeting, and event transcripts for up to 50 participants/languages.



Feel safe knowing that your data is protected and your privacy is respected wherever you may be.

Why Verbum
We don’t believe in language barriers, we create seamless communication through AI Multilingual Closed Caption and chats.
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Easy & secure login from any internet-connected smartphone, tablet, or computer.

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Multilingual results in near-realtime, typically 1 second or less.

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Verbum’s Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning tools enable revolutionary change.

Verbum’s Key Features
Communicate in any language

– Web-based
– Supports most popular browsers
– Use with web-connected smartphones, tablets & computers
– 1-to-1, 1-to-Many, and Many-to-Many online calls/meetings
– Up to 50 participants per online call/meeting
– Up to 82 languages & 40 dialects
– Near-realtime translation & closed captioning
– Typical results in ~1 second or less
– Produces call/meeting/event transcripts On-the-Fly
– For online chat: Simultaneous on-screen language-to-language translation
– For events: Simultaneous speech-to-text closed captioning enables attendees to read the remarks of the presenter in their own language.

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Verbum: Communicate globally in 82 languages.
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